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Hemp protein powder: start with the basics

I know you’re here on this page, because you’re interested in knowing more about hemp protein powder, oil and seeds. But I think it’s safe to say that you and I both share the same interests;
We want to (still) be able to run around climbing mountains, running marathons, dancing, playing tennis and NOT looking like the mummy at the age of 95, right?
We do not want to live just another plain ordinary pre-destined lifecycle, where our bodies peak at the age of 28. Then soon after our health starts dramatically decreasing followed by chronic disceases and illnesses that limits our possibilities for having fun, keeping us from being that person we really want to be. Here you can find the best coin master spins.
Of course I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get my point right? We should have that choice ourselves. It should be up to you. That’s freedom.
Hemp protein powder, even though it comes from the small ‘miracle’ seeds, just won’t change a darn thing in itself, IF you don’t have a healthy lifestyle – far from. It’s a great supplement. One of the best there is, but nothing beats exercise, sleep, the right mindset and the right foods. Nothing can replace that – only strengthen it.
As you know obesity is a huge problem in especially North America these days. Actually it gets worse and worse.
We know this is related to the unhealthy lifestyles many people have adopted, and especially the foods they’re ingesting. The problem is that there’s just so much conflicting information on the market, usually tainted by self-serving advertisers. That makes it quite a challenge to choose the right diet. A diet that is truly beneficial to our health and well-being.
Yuri Elkaim’s ‘Eating For Energy’ provides some encouraging information about a ‘back to basics’ approach to eating and staying healthy. It really could save your life.

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Yuri Elkaim, being that highly competive athlete that he is, once found that his diet, which he thought was very healthy (high in fruits, vegetables, fiber and protein) actually did not provide his body with the amount of energy he expected. As a result of his studies in Holistic Nutrition he discovered a new way of viewing how the human body processes food to energy.
As a fitness coach and nutrition expert, he soon developed a diet. It was based on pure whole foods which eliminates many of the toxins that are so detrimental to our health.
In Eating For Energy you’re presented with quite a bit of Yuri’s scientific research. He will explain to you in a language you’ll be able to understand, just exactly how the different foods interacts with your body. He breaks it all down into the smallest particles, revealing how some foods are severely altered (losing most, if not all, its nutritional value) as they are getting processed by you in the kitchen or from the manufacturers.
Personally I think Yuri’s explanation of things are pure logic. To me at least it makes perfectly sense. He explains why, some people who think they know it all about nutrition and health, and considers themselves to be living and eating the right way, still is plagued by health concerns and excess body fat. He also explains why some people who seems to be physically fit, might actually be moving in dangerous grounds.
In Eating For Energy there’s a section especially for athletes who may need a higher than normal calorie intake. There’s also a 12-week meal plan, which is aimed at the transition into a diet based on whole foods. And finally there’s a recipes section showing you how to make all the dishes included in this book.
It’s obvious that Yuri is very passionate about Eating For Energy, and he has written this book very thoroughly, leaving the reader with all the information he needs for embarking on this new lifestyle.

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If I have to find one negative thing to say about the book, it might be that some of the foods and supplements mentioned in this book may not be available in your local shopping mall. What makes many of these ingredients hard to find is that they have to be unprocessed and organic. That’s why you need to add a stop to your shopping rutine. You’ll need to pay a visit to your local health food store, and if possible visit a nearby farmers market.. If that’s not possible they should have the vegetables and fruits in the high cost grocers anyway.
Eating For Energy certainly is an impressive nutritional book and Yuri Elkaim is a great teacher. You don’t necessarily have to follow the meal plan step by step, since even adopting parts of his plan would be beneficial to you.